So, I’m back.

And Chris is still kinda sick, but I am NOT. I am full of energy and health.

I have so many impressions of my trip. It’s hard to know where to begin. Maybe I should begin at the beginning.

Okay, so we flew out of LAX. And we flew Business/First class. I have the ‘/’ in there because it was business inside the US, but First class from New York to Finland.

Higher class flying is extraordinarily comfortable. AND I didn’t know that if you are flying high class, you get to hang out in this VIP place that feeds you snacks and free booze.

Sometimes they even let you take a shower. Let me tell you, that is a nice thing, to have a shower after a long flight. NO ONE smells nice after a couple hours in a plane.

I had no idea that these sorts of luxuries came along with the high class travelers.

Interestingly, the lounges are also stratified. Each airline has a couple of them in their airports. And there are some that are more accessible than others. Levels of exclusivity exist everwhere.

Okay, so we checked out the American Airlines Admirals Club in LA, and in JFK. LA was better, because their snacks were more substantial than pretzel nuggets and baby carrots with dip (which is what JFK has). LA had some open sandwiches. They also seemed to have a better view, of the planes.

But I enjoyed the JFK site very much, because after our 5 hour flight, we took a shower and then jumped the subway to Central park. Chris wanted to see the dinosaurs.


The dinosaurs live in a place called the American Museum of Natural History.

I never saw anything so unnatural in my entire life. This is how they show you animals:


That is an extreme example. Most of the dead, stuffed creatures where arranged in a life-like taxidermy pose in front of a painting of their natural surroundings. They were very old, I think. The zebra has faded to a medium brown and white striped critter.

“Well, Chris,” I said. “Did you notice how everything in the surrounding, oh MILLION mile-area is completely paved over? This is as close to nature as these east coast jokers get? Makes you appreciate California for actual wildlife.”

The east coast is very densely populated. Chris found this sign in a hallway:


That’s a lot of people for a hallway.

But the East Coasters tend to think that they are advanced for this:

I don’ t know. It was a really different way of looking at life, that museum. maybe it’s a museum of natural history because all of nature in Manhattan is history.