And then there was Tivoli

We’d been looking forward to Tivoli since before we left California. I remember Chris telling me about it:

“Did you know that Copenhagen has an amusement park that is even older than Disneyland?”
“Wow, really? We will have to check that out.”
“I think so.”

Tivoli was created in 1844, with rides and shows and restaurants. Thing is, Europeans are not as impressed with castles as we Americans. So…if you can’t have a castle in the middle like Disney, what do you do? What’s exotic and romantic to you? Arabian nights! So, they have a bit of an arabian theme. Oh, and Chinese too.

So Chis and I had been really waiting to see this old school European disneyland…But one thing we did want to see what Tivoli with all the lights on. Which means we certainly couldn’t go there first thing. So, we had to kill some time in the morning.

We hung out in the hotel room and relaxed for a while. This was the view from the hotel:

Chris thought we should go to the national library. But maybe we would just wander around the city a bit first:

We walked past a famous museum, but didn’t go in.
I liked the mural they had on the side:
There was a pretty little garden along the way:

But we made our way to the library. I love libraries! And plus, they had a book store.

See, when I go to a foreign country, I like to see if I can find an illustrated book of fairy tales. It seems to me that a people’s sense of themselves and their taste gets expressed in the fairy tales. To me, it makes a very good souvenir.

Of course, Denmark loves it’s Hans Christian Andersen, so I figured I would have a good chance of getting a good book.

You know, all the best libraries have lions:


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