Tivoli at night

I was pretty psyched to see the pantomime.

The curtain dropped:

The story unfolded.

Some French looking guy in a white clown suit (possibly the illegitimate son of the Pillsbury dough boy) was involved:

There was a halequin and a girl:

Of course, a magic sword appeared in short order:

But, in an unexpected twist, a dancing bear arrived:

In the end, even though I was rooting for the bear, the harlequin got the girl AND…
…the blessing of the Greek pantheon.

Chris commented “Maybe it made more sense in Danish.”

We were STARVING at that point. It was tough to decide on a place to eat.
There were a lot of places to eat. But they were

I was just about ready to cry with how tired and hungry I was.

This is where we ate.

It was really nice and yummy. And we were in the non-smoking section.

TIvoli was really beautiful at night:

Tired and beat, we made it back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, Kassel Germany. The real reason for our trip was to get to the ship show.

“We can’t be late. This is really important”

“Don’t worry baby. Good night.”

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