more trivia

There will be lasagna, spaghetti, salad and bread

Eddie’s Pizzeria will be providing the lasanga and spaghetti.
…why is Pizza spelled with an ‘a’ and Pizzeria with an ‘e’…?

I will be purchasing the salad and bread elsewhere, though. Because salad and bread should simply NOT cost that much. As my Russian friend Lena said, “It’s a sin to pay that much for tea.” I’ll take that for bread and salad too.

But that means that I will have to find something to put the salad into. Once again, my favorite boutique, salvation army, has provided interesting cut glass bowls (they match! Imagine!) and a big punch bowl which shall serve as the gigantic salad container.

Bread will be okay in the little paper bag it comes in.

it takes some thought to feed 80 people.

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