I will tell you, this post has very little thought put into it.

I have 6 weeks of work left, and the things that I need to do are progressing nicely. There are a few more things that I have to do that I could be working on. But I’m not.

My motivation is low, and I’m scouting around for something to entertain me. No luck. The news is depressing, offering unsubstantiated expectations for the new president (euphoric, dire and cautious–covering the bases) and reports of massive massive layoffs.


Pop culture or other fluff seems silly and selfish in the face of this news, so no solace there.

The best place right now is in cute animal pictures.

I’ve been in the office for 3 hours now, and not getting much done.

Maybe I should unearth my iPod. A podcast would come in handy right now.