Its only natural

“We learned about nature today, Mommy. Where is nature?”

umm… “Nature is all around us. Anything that was made my God is nature.”

ooh…good one.

“So a tree is nature?”

“Yes, God made trees.”

“Are telephone poles nature?”

“No people made those.”

“yes! God made trees. ¬†Anything that people made isn’t. A car isn’t nature.”

As soon as I say it, I see the flaw. She hones in on it within seconds.

“But mommy…we grow babies in tummies. Are babies made by people or are they nature?”


“Well, God makes the babies in our tummies. Things that people make using science and math and inventions, those re not nature.”

She seemed to accept it. And I am so proud that she found the flaw in my logic as fast as I did.


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