Where we lose our faith

I found this blog, of a man who went through the Accelerated Christian Education system, and has made a crusade to point out the failings of it.

He lost his faith in God. He declares his atheism openly.

But he does believe in organized education. So much so that he become part of a PhD program with a thesis that focusses on the failings of the School of Tomorrow (ACE).

Me? I stuck with God and even Christianity. But I am VERY suspicious of organized education. I did get a bachelor’s degree, but I took a long time and didn’t borrow a dime to do it, partly because I couldn’t believe that the investment of money in the education system would be a worthwhile investment.

I taught myself to play the piano. I taught myself computer networking, I taught myself Project management, gaining lots of professional certifications along the way. I have a good career, practically hand-carved.

So, even when it came to publishing my books I couldn’t bear to do the “traditional” route and had to teach myself all the skills and do all the work myself. MY voice MY way.

I have an ENORMOUS chip on my shoulder about organized education. I am just so suspicious of the exploitation I see in it. I can believe it might be good for people but I also see the cracks in the foundation.

Funny the similarities and differences

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