Pretty Justin Simply

Life is always moving, always doing. That’s the nature of it, small or large there is humming and forward motion.

I often overlook all the things that are happening when I feel frustrated or bored. I get frustrated and bored easily.

I wish that more were happening. I can think of so many thing I want to happen, and big goals I want to achieve. I forget what is already happening.

While I was working on the last few agonizingly slow steps to get The Russian American School of Tomorrow published, I used a computer program to clean up the writing.

This bot looked for passive voice and overuse of certain words, and helped me to make my writing as clear and direct as I could get it.

Right away my bot told me what I already knew: nothing is simply. Simply has no place in my writing. If I simply do things, I do things.

There is nothing simple about it. I do it. Doing it is enough.

I had even more Justs. Just forget about the justs. Forget about the justs.

Yoda had it right. Do. Or do not. There is no just.

It’s an equivocation. I put those words in a row. And the words are describing stuff I did.

I could say I did a pretty good job.

I will not say that. Pretty is as pretty does.

I did a good job.

All actions are happening and powerful. Pretty, Just and Simply are softening the impact. These words distance the audience, and in many cases the audience is my own self. I have so much power and ability. Why should I distance myself from what I do and what I could do?

Let the Big Bang of every action we take explode on my own consciousness.

I did. We did. We do.

Pretty Justin Simply did not.



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