she wants to take care of me

Veronica had been coughing in my face for the last few weeks. It was inevitable that I would catch her cough.

So I was lying in bed wishing I could have a longer nap, but when Veronica is done sleeping everyone is done sleeping.

“Mommy! Time to get up!” and she is pushing on my leg. “Come on mommy!”

I do not want this. I want to rest. I tell her “Mommy needs to rest”

“NO,’s time to get up!”

I have to try something new. Lately, she’s been giving medical attention to her stuffed animals. It seemed to involve injecting them with an airpump. I thought I could use this:

“Mommy is sick. I need to rest.” then I made my voice sound all hoarse and pathetic.  “I need medicine”

“You need medicine?” Her little got serious. “Okay, I get you medicine.”

“Yes, you go get me medicine.” Aand she left.

ahhhhhh…… and my pillow. Together at last.

I heard the toilet seat go down. Maybe she had to go pee pee.

More time passed. Then Chris came in to stand in the door with one hand on his hip.

“Didn’t you notice that it was quiet for too long?”

I was hoping it would stay quiet for longer.

“She was climbing up on top of the toilet reaching for the medicine chest. You told her to get you medicine.”

wow. She was going to go get me real medicine. She was going to take care of me.

Of course, I wanted to leap up and protect her from dangerously standing on the toilet to reach the very dangerous medicine cabinet.

But I am so touched that she was going to do whatever it took to take care of me.


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