what are we good at?

You know, I am not sure if Romney knows how to make jobs. I AM sure that Obama does not. But the president is only one guy.
As a nation, we should do what we can do better than other people. Maybe we can do it because we have certain physical resources other people/nations don’t have. But it’s a global level playing field. What we’ve figured out how to do, most other nations have figured out too.
Listening to Ulysses (50%) the troglodyte citizen goes on a tear about how awesome Ireland is, and says what products they have. Wool, China, etc.
What have we got? Computers? well, we would if she didn’t give it all away for the cheap manufacturers in Asia. I’m not entirely sure about whether/how we should protect our intellectual property, our bright ideas.
I’ve been to Denmark, and they are full to the hairline of how awesome they are for art and design. and their stuff is PRICEY. But they will tell you forever in their TV and museums about how great their art is..it’s all modern and weird…scandinavian. But they do not undercut it’s value with walmart-type sales. Seeing their attitude, I suddenly better understood why they as a nation stood in spport of that one cartoonist who drew Mohammed and got in trouble. They take their right to art and creative design VERY SERIOUSLY.
Sweden, which is right next to Denmark (and also a hugely booming economy, more so than the danes) is very well known for Ikea. Ikea is not expensive, but it is very very designed. They mass produce and cheapify their designs…but they are also a super-economy…
What do we do aweseomely in america? We apparently make awesome movies and music…and we made the internet. For starters.
But we are talking about MANUFACTURING? oh lord. We lost that olympic race a while back. So if we want to employ more than 400 [FOUR HUNDRED?!?!] jobs ┬áin Beaver Tail Boondocks…Which we do…
Stop waiting for someone to grant a permit, people. THe good old days are old. Do something else. And don’t wait for someone to think of it.

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