It’s monday, and I stayed up late last night catching up on all my house chores.

So I am very groggy this morning.

I am considering whether or not ambition is evil.

One of the reasons I am thinking aobut this is because an old friend of mine recently started working at an Indian Casino.
Times are hard; he is a uber computer geek, but he can’t find work. So he got what he could.
He said, “it’s amazing to think about. I don’t want to be here any longer than I have to, but many of the workers here are completely pleased to have the job, and say things about how stable it is, and how great it is.”

It occurred to me that Indian culture is not expansionist. They are not like McDonald’s and Starbucks, they don’t necessisarily feel the need for more more bigger bigger all the time.
You might call that lack of ambition.
Or you might call it enjoying what life has to offer.
Food, clothing, the ability to appreciate your family and friends-that’s really something.

What does ambition get you?
More money, less time to spend it.
Maybe not even more money. Depends on your ambition. I’ve known enough start-ups to know it doesn’t always bring more money.

The angel of light (aka Lucifer) had ambition. Didn’t do him much good.

Don’t get me wrong. My ambition to do more and learn more has served me well, it’s brought me a lot of good things.

But when is enough enough?
How much do I need? When should I stop?

In the Garden of Eden, what use was ambition? Maybe Adam and Eve spend a hard day working on the hedges…So that they could appreciate them the next day? That means they took the next day off.

It is easy on a monday to think that having to get up and work all day is evil.

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