Welcome to July

How’re we all doing?

The year is halfway gone. I have gotten my paycheck, which gives me YTD totals…

That gets my calculator finger itching. If present trends continue, I will have worked 560 hours of overtime in 2004. 32 of those hours will be counted as double time, because they were in excess of 12 hours in one day.

Working hard. Getting paid.

That’s what the 30s are about, aren’t they?

“Prime of your life”

Maybe. So, subtracting the 2 weeks and 2.5 days I was out on vacation and illness, I have worked 9.88 hours every day I was at work.

That’s sort of interesting to know.

Also, for the 6 months of this year, my company has paid out 1590 bucks in health & life insurance and stuff for this single, prime-of-her-life healthy person. That’s going be 3180 for the year. Holy smokes.

Naturally, though, that’s not my money. It’s benefits. I could get a better deal on my health insurance if I paid Kaiser directly, but the company won’t give me back the money if I said I would bargain shop.

Of course, the minute anything went wrong with me, Kaiser would no longer offer the $125 a month deal they’d give me now. If I suddenly got diabetes or some wierd disease, forget me! “That will be $900 a month please, and you understand we won’t cover the treatments for the illness you’ve disclosed to us.”

I once was denied Kaiser coverage, on a personal plan, because I told them I had back problems when I was 18 and worked at a bagger for Safeway. Groceries are heavy if you don’t carry them right.

Lesson learned:

These sorts of things roll around in my head as I consider other ways to spend the hours of my life’s prime. I can think of some alternatives to the current routine of 9.88 work hours plus commute time. But I have to say, insurance considerations put a big damper on my entrepenuerial and creative plans.

Anyway, just some thoughts on the half-year mark. Happy summer everyone!

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