need a new hobby

packing and packing and cleaning and painting.

Now, it’s packing some more. Yesterday I was packing my shoes. I usually can’t see all my shoes. I mean, I have a nice shelf for them in the bottom of my closet, but it gets kind of hard to see all of them under the clothes.

I definitely have a style of shoe I prefer. Really, the fact of the matter is, I don’t need anymore little booties or black strappy mary janes.

In fact, it may be that I really don’t need much of anything anymore. Which is GREAT! How blessed am I that I have everything I need, and way way more?

In fact, the only thing i really need is more space. And even with my plans to move to a bigger home, it’s clear to me that I have to find a new hobby

I’m going to have to give up shopping.

Have you noticed? Shopping is really america’s hobby. Chris, being very close to perfect, really loves to shop with me. And this is So Cal, we have some good shopping, and pretty much everyone is in on the fun.

But I don’t know. I mean, if I have everything I need, and really I do, what’s the point of going out to spend money on buying new things?

I think I will have to come up with other ways to spend my time. It’s just pointless to keep on shopping.

I guess I’ll have to spend more time gardening.

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