Chateau Joie

I am loving my little house. I love that I have a dining room table, with a window in front of it.

I love that Chris and I often sit down to eat at that dining room table.

I love the living room and my new couch.

I love my bedroom, with TWO windows.

There are a lot of windows in this house.

I love that i have a patio and a tree that I can go sit on and under and enjoy the sound of crickets

Crickets are really loud here.

I love that I have hedges to trim and things to organize.

I have started doing a lot of cooking. Meatloaf, Marinated chicken, interesting salads.

No soup yet. It’s been a little hot.

But I bought an ice cream maker. I want to make my own ice cream, instead of buying it. I eat the stuff nearly every day, so…You know. I would like to:
1. not spend so much on it
2. have some control over what ingredients are in it.

I will let you all know about my discoveries of ice cream making.

I just love my new house.

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