carbon indulgences

So, other people are thinking about being eco-friendly for the holidays.

It occurs to me, Al Gore set an example for how to handle the good credits I am accruing by using the bus. After all, it would be acceptable for me to take my car to work. I don’t though! I am taking the bus, and taking it a LOT. This means I am accruing carbon credits.

And my dear husband has worked for years to create and sustain a business that he can do from home. He does not go out and greedily consume energy by driving places. He stays at home, and also accrues carbon credits.

I am thinking of giving these carbon credits to loved ones for Christmas. I can find a lump of coal, and affix a card to it:

Merry Christmas! Because of eco-friendly steps (literally) taken by Chris and Murphy Daley, this lump of coal avoids incineration. This is your carbon credit, to use against whatever wasteful habit you wish to pursue guilt-free. Peace on earth, and ecological equality for all!

Damn, i have so many of these credits accrued, I could even sell them. I wonder if Ebay would give me a good price.

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