The many shades of white

And I’m not even talking off white and arctic white, or seabreeze white or all the other versions of beige that martha stewart might call white.

I mean white white.

I have just finished caulking the new bathroom. I grouted it with white grout, and the white grout went around white tile.

THe caulk went around a white shower base and a white toilet.

The white toilet has a white toilet seat. It is the conjunction of the white toilet and the whilte toilet seat that made me realize that all whites are not created equal.

Because to me, they are glaringly different shades of white.

And once you start noticing the different shades of white, it is an avalance. All those above items: grout, tile, toilet, shower base and caulk are different shades of white.

I guess I just have to be open minded about it–not b so black and white.

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