..if it didn’t hurt anyone, would you lie

to get your book picked by Oprah?

I’m reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It’s an awesome book. It’s really really good. The scandal is that he sold it as a memoir and it was in fact not based on his life.

Oprah picked it, making Frey (or at least his publisher) a lot of money. Then someone looked into the facts and discovered that the stuff in the book was  not stuff that happened to James Frey.

I was all outraged at the time. But now i’m reading it…and it’s a great book.

Would i lie to get my book published and subsequently picked by Oprah?


One thought on “..if it didn’t hurt anyone, would you lie

  1. The book is great, I agree with you! The “truth” is so subjective anyway, subject to the entire history of the people involved and what they take away from a specific interaction. If I was James Frey? I would have just said, “Hey, if you read the book, you’d know I was pretty screwed up for a good part of my life and this is how I remember it. Apparently my memory is unreliable but this is my truth.” So there, Oprah.