Saving up our daylight for a rainy day…?

Veronica is one year old. Technically. But really, she arrived quietly and then left a subtle little double blue line a couple weeks later to let us know she was here.

I keep counting back 2 years ago. Two years ago when ‘normal’ happened.  I very seldom had trouble sleeping 2 years ago. I had more trouble staying awake.

But things are not normal. Or, they are a new undiscovered normal.

Daylight savings switch just happened. I remember last year spring forward was a terrifying event. How could I possibly keep track of the sleep and feeding schedule? I didn’t put the clocks forward for 2 weeks, I think. Because my baby came first. And I wasn’t back on the job yet, anyway.

Last friday I had to get up at 3:20 to go do a work thing that was time sensitive and HAD to happen right then. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really been sleeping well prior to that either. I think it was the book I was reading…I don’t know. But now that 3 am wakeup, and daylight savings…ugh

I love a schedule. I LOVE a schedule. It’s like a grapple hook over the wall of the unknown. If I go nuts and think “HOW CAN I GO ON!?!?!?!?” a schedule tells me how.

I despise daylight savings. Let the seasons be what they are.  The daylight can’t be saved.

and stop f–ing with my schedule!

2 thoughts on “Saving up our daylight for a rainy day…?

  1. It is amazing to me that you and my bride of these 25 years, Jana, can exist in the same room. Based on your post above I would expect there to be a schedule/anti-schedule explosion that would cause our little corner of the universe to cease to exist. 🙂