finding your voice recognition

okay, that’s a tortured metaphor/pun.

Writers are always talking about “finding your voice”

But I have recently heard about a super cool voice recognition software. This article tells about an author who uses it to writer her romance novels

She’s written a lot of novels.

I am slavering over the idea of spending the many many many hours I drive to compose new works.

Novenber is national novel writing month. Maybe I could turn my commute into the great american novel.

It could be a return of the e e cummings style of writing, no capitals or punctuations. that would be something, alright

2 thoughts on “finding your voice recognition

  1. but really, could you imagine dictating a romance novel into your computer. I would blush so bad when I got to the steamy parts, and I’d have to whisper. I’ve tried dictating a story rather than type and the result was one of the most awkward and self-censored works I’ve ever put to paper.

  2. Look! a comment! Thank you Veronica. That was a nice little reminder to check and approve the comments on this site. They are MOSTLY spamments, but here was one that made it worthwhile.

    First of all, I have not yet written a romance novel, so I’m not sure it would be an issue.

    Second, I have a feeling that using it to write high-level outlines ..FILL IN THIS PART LATER..might be useful.

    I don’t know. I have a lot of mind space to spare as i drive all over southern California. It’s tempting.