round and round again: an atom is the universe

Veronica amazing me everyday.

Little smarty has figured out the alphabet, capital and lowercase letters.

At the same time, she figured out all the sounds of the letters.

She repeats these to herself and with me all the time.


What’a parent to do? We need to take it to the next level. Kid needs to learn about


After trying some other things, I bought a dry-erase board. Sat down with her and wrote some letters, asked her to sound them out

Then I asked her to sound them ALL out



This wigged her out. TOTALLY WIGGED HER OUT

She wiggled, she tried to get away. She did not want to deal with this.

Chris told me to leave her alone.

It reminded me of two things.

First, I remembered learning algebra. I did the same thing. I wiggled and tried to get out of it any way I could. Very similar to what she was doing.

Then I remembered when she was a newborn, and the dreaded Tummy Time.

As a contemporary parent, we are all told do NOT let your kid sleep on their tummy. Ever. It will


them. Because of SIDS. but if they never spend time on their tummy they don’t learn to crawl. So parents have to endure tummy time, resting the baby on her tummy so that she’ll develop arm and neck muscles.

Veronica HATED it. Other babies, I hear, hate it too.

I would put little 10 pound Veronica on her tummy on a blanket and count to 30–THIRTY SECONDS–of screaming. The doctors say give it 5 minutes a day. I was lucky to get one minute. In TWO THIRTY-SECONDS-OF-SCREAMING INCREMENTS.

Learning is hard.

So, I figured, I’ll have Veronica do a few words a day. Three, maybe. Sound out ‘hat’  ‘dog’ and ‘cat’, ‘fox’ ‘red’ and ‘cup’

Things like that. She can do it. But it’s hard for her.

At least she doesn’t scream.

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