saturday morning

It is Saturday, 8 am. I’ve been up with 5:30, which does not please me. I just woke up. Nothing externally disturbed by sleep and it was saturday, so I tried to sleep longer.

Didn’t happen.

I read for a while, TOTALLY interesting book about art in the age of mechanical reproduction. But it was too interesting, and didn’t make me sleepy.

Books can turn on you. They don’t always serve up what needs to be happening at that moment.

So I got up. And I started cooking. Chris has developed an aversion to sauteed onions. He cannot coexist while I am cooking them.

He exists on air-borne food particles, like an evolved plant or something. contact with actual food upsets his eco-balance.

damn him.

So I have to cook my onions–AND EVERYTHING HAS ONIONS–when he is away. A closed bedroom door is enough away.

So I have sauteed onions and other veggies to add to my morning egg bake breakfast for the week.

And then I sauteed ahead two onions for later. I am sure I will think of something that needs onions before the weekend is over.

And it’s 8. And now I’m tired. And now my daughter is waking up.

Chris is naturally still asleep.

I was thinking to myself, after parenting…or maybe it’s working…the sleeper-inner talents gets broken. I WISH I could have slept longer. But I couldn’t!

but Chris has a fine and healthy sleep in reflex.

Well. Theory isn’t 100%

Good morning world.

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