Monday Music

Happy monday people.


I had a kind of horrigying dream about spiders last night.

Have you ever read Gaiman’s Anansi’s Boys?

The spider is supposed to be a clever storyteller. Perhaps this is a sign that I shoudl start telling stories.

I can at least make a blog post. Start small, you know?

This last month I have started to listen to popular music again. the BILLBOARD HOT 100!!



Well. They are not actually that great of songs. Some of them are catchier than others. But they are new and they make me feel energized and young.

We went to a four-year-old’s birthday party this weekend. I brought my bluetooth speaker and the microphone that goes with it.

Little 4 year ole (Okay, he’s precocious) knew all the songs from the hot 100. So did his older sister and Veronica…

It kind of freaks me out to be enough on the grid that other people know the words to the songs I’m listenign to.


I’ve been so indie for so long that I wouldn’t expect to have any overlap.

But one of the benefits of accumulating experience (My term for getting older) means that I have a reservoir. If I know enough songs, some of them will evnetually overlap with the songs that other people know


How about that?

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