Places everyone

I was feeling sad, and listening to sad music to have a reason to cry while I put my daughter to bed. I thought i should tell her what was going on.

“Veronica, I had a tough day. Someone told me i did things wrong, and that hurts to hear. I have been feeling so bad…I started to think a lie. I’m kind of ashamed to tell you what I was thinking. Is it okay to tell you?”

She nods.

“It made me think I didn’t have a place.”

She gasps, horrified. “Nowhere in the whole UNIVERSE? But you’ll always have a place with me!”

Face in hands. I have to sob for a moment.

She is a bit frightened, she’s never seen me cry like that before. “Come here Veronica.”

I hug her. “You are a wonderful human being. i am so proud to be your mother. Of course I have a place with you.”

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