“The lesson we will focus on today is receiving.”

I looked around at the other people in the class, knowing that I was the newbie and I was sure they would all be familiar and experienced.

I’d never been to an acting class, even though this was Los Angeles, Mecca of all acting.

I am a writer. I work with words.

But I write about characters, and acting is about characters. Everyone is a character, so I wanted to explore how people interacted.

This was an improv class. And I was impressed with the teacher

“Every piece of information is a gift. Improv is about listening and giving back.”

Knowledge is power. And if I know something you don’t, it can be really powerful to share that knowledge. Sharing our knowledge can change the world.

Just look at Wikipedia.

So the few of us learned about giving information to each other to start interacting.

Which was really strange and weird, because we were acting. We were pretending.

In this pretend world, giving each other very basic information was a huge gift. In the world of improv, where you are, who you were and what you were doing was enough to hang a whole universe on.


I don’t think that’s only improv.

Being aware of the surface of what is happening and who I am is extremely powerful.

And I say that as one with a deep appreciation for what is below the surface.

Who am I today and what am I doing in the world? I can choose that every single moment, but only if I am aware of it.

I want to give myself that gift.

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