fix it

“I am running out of pants,” he said. “This last pair of jeans has a hole in it. Do you think you could patch it?”

I’ve sewn on buttons. I’ve hemmed a skirt, and even sewn entire dresses. But patching a pair of jeans is a new level. Like darning socks, it’s a lost art. Do people do that anymore?

During the lockdown, a lot of people did old fashioned things. All across America, households were experimenting with sourdough starter and making bread with it. We’ve been released from our homes, but then again we find ourselves on the bad side of supply chain issues and inflation.

I know I hoarded plastic containers during that time—you never know what you might need. And yes, I am still doing it a little. There is a lot of life in that quart container of yogurt. I kept it and it is doing a great job holding prepared rice in my fridge.

I want to save those Levi’s. They are perfectly—well almost perfectly—good. I am going to patch them.

Owning things is a responsibility. I have a relationship and an obligation to them. I honestly appreciate things more. I have to notice what is going on with things and see if I can provide help when they need it.

I really appreciate the things that work exactly as I need them to.

A good pair of Levi’s is needing a little help, and I will put some effort into providing it.

In this case, it’s not just the jeans that need help. It’s my husband. He knows less about sewing than I do. For all the things that Chris does for me, I will help him. And for all the things that the pants do for him—for us, really—I can give a little back. They can be repaired and give back to us for a few more years.

Good relationships take attention and investment. It’s shame to give up too soon.

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