Welcome to Wonderblog!

[4/25/2002 7:22:46 PM | Wonder Blogger]

Welcome to WonderBlog! I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time, but it wasn’t until I thought of this great name that I finally had to seize the day and make it happen.

Isn’t it a great name? It sounds like some kind of hero from “The Tick.” That in and of itself makes me smile.

See? It’s already a good thing.

But even more, I want to express two ideas about “Wonder.” The first is wonder as in wonderful. So many things are wonderful. It’s a wonderful day today. It’s wonderful that blogs exists, and it’s even more wonderful that they are free! Just to name a few topics to explore, concerning the wonderfulness of everything.

Second, the idea of “wonder” as in ” I wonder…” I wonder about a lot of things. I am rabidly and insatiably curious. I wonder why, I wonder how, I wonder if…

For instance, I wonder if anyone wil be reading my blog. Perhaps they will!
Because I think that many people who are interested in computers and blog-type activities also have a strong “wonder” muscle. I know that when I wonder about something, I immediately hit the net and do a google search to find out.

For instance, yesterday I really was wondering how many people in America have graduate degrees. Percentage-wise…Google couldn’t find out…Jeeves was obtuse, as usual (he’s such a pompous ass). So I still don’t know.

BUT! What I’m trying to say is that the curious use the web. Therefore, there is a chance that curious people might find my wonderblog and read it.

Regardless, I will be writing in it, and be pleased with the shape of my own writing. Much the same way as I am pleased with the sound of my voice, when I sing along in a lovely, echoey stair-well. I don’t need anyone else to enjoy it.

Still, I would be thrilled to receive email from anyone that wants to comment on my blog as it progresses. Emails are like a piece of chocolate, I love to get them

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