ideas about conversation and communication

Looks like things are posting okay now. I’m a newbie, it’s taking me some time to figure this out.

I’ve been wokring on a study of Margaret Fuller, an early American feminist. She had a stong focus on CONVERSATION as a learning tool for women. I’m fascinated by this, and everytime i read a particularly fusty article or book I like the idea more.

With all the new technology available for transmitting information, I think that conversations could be easily preserved for use in academic settings.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a FAQ as part of a paper? It’s such a great way of communicaating information.

Perhaps there could be some authorized method of determining which questions really ARE frequently asked.

I love the idea of technology bringing clarity of communications between HUMANS.

I think it would be a great idea to assimilate new technologies to facilitate learning. So much is happening so fast, we need to keep up. And efficiency in learning might be the most important kind of efficiency for bettering society.