Really real

I don’t watch reality tv too often. It just doesn’t interest me. I’m mildly annoyed by it, but not to the level that others I have heard.

I always thought, How real can this be? These people are walking around, trying to act normal while they have huge camera crews following their every move.

That’s got to be distracting. I mean, how do you ‘act’ natural? kind of an oxymoron.

Well, today I understand better than I ever have how annoying those cameras can be.

My favorite coffeeshop, the Psychobabble on Vermont has it’s open mike night sundays. I’ve been going. It’s a very cool, laid-back, accepting kind of environment. I like it.

A couple of weeks ago, a cute newcomer came, her name was Jett. She sang a few songs to her guitar, and she wasn’t half bad. She was nervous, and young, so she seemed endearing.

Well, as it happens, Jett came back tonight. Jett is a member of a sorority. And guess what else? Jett is on that show, “Sorority Life.”

My open mike night was completely invaded. They were redoing everything, re-miking, re-lighting, wandering around with release forms. I was trying to be a good sport, I let them use my face.

But the camera guy was SO intrusive. He wandered around everywhere…On the stage, behind the performers, everything.

I like Jett, and I welcome her to join the lineup, but I really wish that the fake little enactment scenes and camera crew could have not screwed up my stomping ground.

2 thoughts on “Really real

  1. Yeah, but did you get on camera?!?!

    I recall that you and I watched too many episodes of Real World together for you to be quite this sniffy, but that might just be my Big Brother revisionist history…