Political bling bling

I live in LA. This place is so strange, with the fact that so many people CARE about brand names. DESIGNERS are the thing.

I have a friend who is an even bigger thrift shopper than I am. She has the whole town scoped out. Really, there are so many cute outfits to buy, you kind of have to go for the cheap to stay afloat.

I asked her for tips on non-thrift stores. She said, “I never really buy things new. You can always find clothes for cheap.”

But I saw her looking for a designer purse. She thought it was a deal to find one for 200 dollars.

This is almost beyond my comprehension. But she explained that people knew that these bags were expensive, and she wanted a little bling bling.

I have heard of this before. When you see ads for Jaguars on TV, it is partly to sell the cars to the few who can afford it. But it is also to educate the poor slobs who can’t afford, to let them know that the Jag oo ahr is the car to admire, the one that says you’re rich and have arrived.

Okay, so whether the car is actually a good car, that’s of lesser importance. Sure, it’s probably a decent car, I guess. But I hear that they don’t last very long…They say that if you have to worry about that, you can’t afford it anyway.

Yeah, well. I myself like to know what I’m getting and whether it’s worth my investment.

Mabye I’m wrong…I haven’t looked that closely into the quality of a jag.

Yesterday, I was listening to NPR talking about the Democratic party. ‘What can be done to broaden the appeal of the Democratic party?’

Somone suggested that Democrats should adopt part of the libertarian platform. Others had all kinds of suggestions about how Democrats could appeal to a larger group.

Because, you see…Being a democrat is so Coool. It’s the hip political party…IT’s the one that cares about Women, about the underpriveliged and the arts and all the COoooOolest stuff!


But what are we getting for our investment? what have the democrats really done about the stuff they purport to care about?

I think that the democratic party have bought into their own empty brand too much.

Maybe that’s why the faces and celebrities of Hollywood are backing the party with the cachet.

“dahhhling. Don’t bother me with such trivialities. Budgets and such things are all just fog. Simply everyone who counts is democratic.”

Politics is hard. It’s difficult to find solutions to problems. But if your focus is to help the less fortunate, why don’t you listen? Why dont you stop and look and see what they problems are?

I don’t think selling a brand name serves anyone’s purpose.

Maybe I’m wrong. I haven’t looked into it so deeply. But…

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