Let me introduce you to my oldest friend

That is, my oldest friend since I moved to California.


Yep, it’s pretty much a know-where-the-bodies-are-buried kind of friendship.

And right now, I’m very jealous of her. She is living in Korea, teaching english to a bunch of mostly cute kids. I wish I were in a foriegn country right now. I really do.

Being in another country is a great excuse. You are suddenly allowed to be confused and not quite fit in. You are allowed to enjoy all the trivial tasks in life as if they are and adventure. Going shopping, heck, taking a CRAP can be a mind-broadening experience.

And Su has that blog. She also has free time.

I have a blog, but I do not have free time.

I really really wish I had free time. I feel like I am being swallowed alive.

I already feel like I am confused and that I don’t fit in. But I don’t have an excuse, because I am supposed to know what I am doing and fit it. I just don’t. So I have to cover it up.

Running away to a foreign country has always been my fantasy escape. I usually say “Poland.”

What do I need with all these responsibilities? What are they for, after all? Just to torture me, apparently.

I wish I were living as an ex-pat. It’s just so much more interesting. Then I could torture myself with existential questions and new experiences.

Well, now you all can share my envy by reading Su’s adventures.