The Library

I moved into my new home last year. In August. Or was it September?

And it is a nice home. I enjoy it. There is a small kitchen, one bathroom, and three bedrooms.

Of course, one bedroom is to sleep in. The other bedroom is for Chris to use as his office.

and then the third. The third bedroom has remained as a place to stick other things. All the unfinished things, not yet ‘away.’

It is the junk room.

But no more. I cleaned it out. I cleared the floor. I found a place to put things away. Even if it was just the garage. It has a corner vanity, where I keep my jewelry. I have a lot of it, you know. But there is a coffee table, which holds my laptop and the cat, much of the time. There is also a comfortable armchair, pulled close to the spot for the laptop. The cat is in this the rest of the time. And a few blank places along the wall. But I ordered bookshelves for them. By next week, it will be the


and not a bad one. It makes me happy to sit in it.

HOORAY! No more junk room! I posses all of my home now!

One thought on “The Library

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Isn’t there _always_ a junk room? What would a home be without one? Oh yeah, I forget that you have a garage and junk can live there. And now I have one too. I am looking forward to being home and getting my junk cleared out once again! Love, Mom