baby, you were born to blog

I watched a South Park episode last night. Kenny, whose most prominent feature is his propensity to die, had gained proficiency at a video game. The game was a war between heaven and hell. He was extremely good at it, achieving level 60

Of course, he died, but it turned out that his death served a purpose. The video game really was a simulation for the war between heaven and hell. His skill at the video game saved the world.

Kenny’s propensity to die, combined with his skill at the video game, had saved the world.

There are people who have incredible skills that are meant for highly specific intersections of the time-space continuum.

Remember Rubik’s cubes? My brother had a friend back then who was so good at solving Rubik’s cubes that he had to lubricate them to allow for the super-fast manipulations. What a genius! Incredible!

The rest of us cheated, and moved the stickers. But this one guy, he was a master.

What might have happened if he was born 50 years earlier? He would never have discovered his talent.

There are possibilities that are for only that moment. Right now, not any other time, blogging is happening. I have a feeling that blogs will evolve into something else pretty soon, but RIGHT NOW there are some earth-shaking bloggers out there.

Instapundit has a blog. He is like a perpetual motion machine of blogging. With the incredibly wide and sometimes deep levels of curiousity and knowledge he has, can you imagine what he would be like to live with before he had to blog to put that into?I imagine that his wife was relieved when he began to blog.

And in a totally different genre of blogging, there is James Lileks
His perpetually funny and often profound writing is also massively popular.

These two guys are totally different in style, but similar in that they are born to this time, this space, this blog

My blog has dropped from popularity lately. Not so many people are stopping by, because I have not been maintaining my ‘web-presence.’

I try to tell myself that I am a different sort of writer, when faced with the web titans I have mentioned.

But as for some people…They were born to blog.

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