What’s with the hot?

i was all proud of my assimilation to the heat. I have gotten to where I can tolerate it so much better.

When I first moved to California, I was rendered immobile by 80 degrees. It was like superman and kryptonite…I fell to the floor in a jelly and couldn’t move.

But I can move in it now! I can accomplish housework and perform feats of concentration, such as reading or paying bills.

That is, until last weekend. I went to Sacramento, and it was as if the kryptonite had been distilled.

It’s a heat wave.

One thought on “What’s with the hot?

  1. Well, how do ya feel about the heat today? (7-24-06) It is only over 100 degrees outside and the pool water is around 90 degrees. Not a great place to cool off today as you might feel as if you are in the bath.
    Well, I was invisioning the heat wave as oil to fire! Superman and kryptonite have nothing on this heat! ha!
    Loving your blogs!