Last night I made a planter box. I’ve been meaning to get a whole bunch of them.

But I have 1 (one) box today.

2 feet by 4 feet. It is solid and unpainted. And It doesn’t have any dirt in it yet.

I bought the seeds. I will have carrots, romaine lettuce and potatoes. Those are the three vegetables that my husband eats.

I haven’t actually got potato seeds…The internet is all against the idea of using supermarket potatoes as seeds.They say that you must have seed potatoes and that using supermarket potatoes is just asking for trouble, and you shouldn’t .I don’t know…maybe I will anyway.

I can grow the carrots and harvest them in april, then plant watermelons.

I got a little seed germinating kit, with peat pellets and a roof to make it kinda like a greenhouse. It will take at least a week for the seeds to grow, and in that time I hope to buy the dirt and put it in my planter box.

I found a cool website that helps me figure out what plants I can grow. Southern California has a longer growing season than a lot of places.

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