Don’t Cry!

Went to the grocery store yesterday, and of course I brought my daughter with me. She’s been frustrated a lot this week, and cried a lot for indeterminate reasons.

I thought a trip to the store would give her other things to think about. It worked for a while, but then she started fussing. I had to hold her, and try to push the cart. But that wasn’t working so well, because the cart was too heavy.

I fell back on an old trick. When she started to cry, which usually included some sort of yell, I’d yell with her and try to match her tone. Whatever key she was crying in, I would chime in. I’d done it before and it seemed to interest her. She would stop crying, and just concentrate on yelling with me. It was  kind of fun.

So instead of her crying in the store, we rolled around yelling in unison. I am not sure what the other customers thought, but it amused me.

Here is a demonstration of what I’m talking about:

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