you try and you try–but there are somethings you can’t affect

Haiti’s dilemma makes me so sad I can barely think about it. Just one little flicker of picturing the horror of being trapped under a building because of something that was entirely not your fault and knowing you are going to die…aaahhhhhhhhhhhg…think of something else quick.

Lots of peole are texting YELE for the Wyclef charity fund, and I think that’s great. I am telling myself I will donate after a little bit, when the rest of everybody has moved on but  Haiti is still in rubble.

Thing is, Haiti doesn’t have a lot of quakes. They have hurricanes. They build their houses  like the 3rd little pig, out of bricks, so that they would withstand the huff and the puff.

Here in california, we have quakes, so we build 2nd little pig style, out of sticks..Wood flexes and doesn’t fall down.  And let me remind all my readers, as others have been repeating, be ready for catastrophe. Get the spare water and get the food and medicine emergency kit. Okay? Cause you never know. Be prepared!

Except Haiti had been sort of trying to be prepared. THey were prepared for the likely even, a hurricane. THey were not prepared for the unlikely event.

And that makes me know that we are all very exposed to disaster. Some things you cannot see coming. THere is no such thing as being prepared enough.

I guess that is why it’s good to know how to pray. To keep your hand in, as it were, on the prayer hotline. Because when you can’t do anything, you can still pray.

Let’s pray for Haiti, and stay humble.

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