1920 was less than a hundred years ago in a galaxy far, far away

Reading Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

I’ve thought many a time that if I had time to do nothing but write, I would blog the books I’m reading as I read them. My opinions and discoveries in the books change a lot over the course of the reading of them.

Right now little Carol is having a hard time adjusting to life as the wife of a small-town prairie doctor. Her struggle at this moment is having to ask her husband for money every day. Money to EAT.

The lack of freedom and autonomy in such a system leaves me chilled. Here is the reality:

Refrigerators and other food preservation techniques were in their infancy. If one wanted to eat meat for dinner, it had to be purchased that day and eaten that day. Leftovers were very tricky. Not tricky because they were boring and unappealing. Tricky because they might POISON you because they had turned bad overnight.

Credit cards and ATMS were far in the future. The 20s version of credit cards was having the storekeeper keep a tab for you. In Carol’s case, the grocer didn’t give credit. So.

The lovely graciousness of having a servant and a parlour was more than mitigated by having to ASK HER HUSBAND FOR MONEY EVERY DAY.



And the forward-thinking solution to this degrading dilemma?

The husband should give her an allowance

Oh ladies. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Let us never forget.

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