THe story part 2

less than a year ago, I’d been celebrating my son’s first birthday, and his wife Julie had smiles for him.  He was about to be promoted. THe promotion came and Julie went.

There seemed to be no telling with life. You get lucky, but not everyone agrees that you get to keep your luck.

Julie said she wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to move across the country to be near her and the boy. But it wasn’t his idea of a way to start a new life together-but-not. ‘Come on along! I won’t set the law on you!’

Operations manager of the drugstore, though, he’d had higher hopes for that. Because it was only one step away from store manager, and store manager was the way to go. That was a darn good career.

Operations manager was a lot more responsibility, which meant he had a reason not to go home. Because home wasn’t much to write home about. Heh.

Wasn’t work supposed to be the best part of his life? But here was death in the breakroom.

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