what if I just did something different?

Couple months ago I was stuck. i was stuck in a sad rut, thinking about and thinking again about stuff that hurt to think about.

I decided that whatever it took i was going to stop thinking about it. I worked hard to think about something ELSE. I even took a recording device and recorded myself talking about a project I was working on, which DIDn”T hurt. I recorded myself, listened to the recording, and then said more things about that thing that didn’t hurt.

After a long time, I was able to stop picking the scab. Because I just decided to stop.

So, I am thikning about how I might apply this to other things. What if I just stopped doing something i don’t like and substituted with something I like better?

what if I could learn to write instead of read? What if instead of running away to escape into a book, I could escape into WRITING  a book.

I don’t think it works that way. But I didnt think that fighting my depression worked that way either.

I would be better off if I wrote more and read less.


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