10 000 hours

So if it take ten thousand hours to get to really good at something, what have I spent that many hours doing?

That reminds me also of the exercise thing, ten thousand steps “Take ten thousand steps every day and that will be enough exercie”

I am trying to wiggle into the jeans of being 40, and I feel so kind of over. Like, I didn’t spend 8 hours a day practicing the piano. I will never ber great.

So all right. Maybe I can be pretty good and manage 3 or 5 thousand hours. Is that enough?

I’m mentally high-fiving myself about all the books i’ve read. I’ve spent ten thousand hours reading, FOR SURE.

but I’ve probably spent ten thousand hours eating. And that doesn’t qualify me for much. AND sleeping. So.

Gotta do something with it or it’s not a thing.