That deer ought to know better, right? Those headlights do not mean anything good.

But she can’t move. The bad terrible thing she is staring into nails her in place.

I’ve been there, immobilized by the terrible.

No no no no no… this can’t have happened.

Lot’s wife turned to salt. She didn’t move on after her home was destroyed

Han Solo was locked in carbonite, not moving on from his terrible verdict.

And me? I can stand still, so still that years pass by while I try to understand what happened.

I stayed. But the world turned.

And I wake up to discover that I have worn out my shoes standing still.

It takes effort to stand still. The world moves on, and I have to move with it. Even if I’m just trying to stand still.

I wish I had spent the time running instead.

It feel shameful to wear out shoes standing still.

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