passion fatigue

It’s like I am a fish in water. Or at least I always thought I was a fish.

But the water drained away.

And I thought I would die. Then I realized I was an amphibian.

I am a sad amphibian. But I’m breathing.

I miss the water. I used to zip around with purpose. I could swim and swoop and loop-de-loop.  If I saw a predator I could get the hell out of there, fast and smart and invincible.

Now? I am stuck in the mud. And the mud is cracking on the edges.

I feel like I’m cracking on the edges too.

My passion has always been a part of me. But it has dried up. Fear and famine left me here.

It used to be so easy. The distance I could cover with a thought, the fast effortless  accomplishment…Gone. In my imagination, I can think of how it could return.

But it takes so much faith. And I have to wallow a little more just to stay damp.

Let it rain. Oh let the rain come.

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