wherever you are going, there you are

The first Saturday in May is world labyrinth day.

I would not know that, except the first saturday of this may, 2013, I happened to be in the vicinity of a labyrinth.

A Labyrinth is not a maze, people. It’s different and special and super ancient. In the Iliad, Daedelus made a labyrinth that housed a minotaur. Young people were supposed to go into the labyrinth and find this minotaur at the center.

The center of the labyrinth–that is supposed to be the meaning, the goal and the reason. People have always had reasons and goal.

And that is why the labyrinth has been around so long. There is something to it.

I was not too far from where I live, at Glen Ivy. A spring in a desert, a hot spring with healing properties in the nearly desert area near my home.

One thing we’ve got a lot of around here is rocks. So the Labyrinth was made from rocks, matching my sentiment that we should use what is at hand.

Before I began my spa day, I walked the labyrinth. Stones on the ground, laying out a path for me, with a small natural obelisk in the middle.

I’ve walked these before. Somehow, though, that standing stone in the middle was different.

I wanted that rock. Up in the path, and it is right there. whoops, no, swing around to the left.

Don’t worry though. I will get there. Look, I am almost there.

Whoops, no, and again.

And THIS time I am walking all the way around a circle like I have nowhere to go or anything to care about and doesn’t matter because I’ll never get there anyway.

that rock

in the center

once I reach that rock in the center every desire I have will be fulfilled

and I want that rock

and it’s right there

but it


until I got there

Hey! I am at the rock!

Hello rock. I worked so hard to get here.

and now it’s time to go.

Back the way I came.

I feel sort of silly that I wanted that rock so bad. It is a nice rock, though. Look at that rock I visited there in the middle.

But now that I am walking back I can notice all the rocks along the way. THey are good too, forming a path for me to follow. And looking at this path I can admire how it turns.

And then it was over. A winding and unwinding, like all of my days. Like all of everybody.


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