Timing is everything

Here is a tale of synchronicity.
This morning call upset me very much. I was overwhelmed with the question . And I also felt like what ever my purpose in life was I was surely failing to see it and to perform it

Jessica asked who wanted to speak up. I wanted to but the only thing I wanted to say was what are you trying to do it to me with this question!?

I did not say that. I kept quiet perhaps I should have said something but I felt overwhelmed

She said you cannot fail at being you. I was trying very hard to believe that and it is a struggle

Look for synchronicity

Look for the signs that the universe is rising up to meet your needs and fulfill your wishes

There are new signs posted on the highways right now.

They used to read “click it or ticket” now they say “minor accident move over to the shoulder’

The comedian and podcaster Adam Corolla has been ranting that we needed to change the sign Before I started taking Jessica’s classes, I listen to Adam carollas podcast a lot.

Now they have changed the signs! When I noticed this, I thought I wish I could hear what he would say about this. Of course, right now I am not listening to entertaining recordings I am listening to jesss class every day

. I had to change from my personal comfortable car to the company car to make another company trip . The radio was tuned to KROQ and Adam Corolla was talking. Right that minute I got to hear him take credit justifiably for the change in the signs

How perfect is that! As Jess would say.

Not only is it synchronicity that I had my little wishfulfilled, but it’s also a good example to keep speaking your truth and knowing what needs to be known
The world aligned to Adam Corolla. It can do it for me

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