I did it

I moved to Los Angeles in 2002. July, I think, or maybe August. I had just graduated from college, and so the I decide I missed classes. First thing I took a journalism class at a jr. College. It was barely worthy of the name “class.”

I decided LA county jr colleges sucked. So I went to an extension class. This must have been early 2003. I think. UCLA extension class on Memoir writing.

And after that class was done, I started. I began to work on what became The Russian American School of Tomorrow.

See that link? That means I published it.

I was very excited about it in the years 2003, 2004 and 2005. I really thought I would finish it in 2005.

I did not finish it.

In 2006 I published a book I wrote while mostly working on RASOT. The Parable of Miriam the Camel Driver. That’s my first one. It’s a real book too and I’m proud of it. But it didn’t feel like a serious book.

I published two others.

But here is the real one. Today. I did it. So long it took me.

And I did it.

How many times when I was feeling really low did I think about how long I”d worked on it, and if I didnt finish it how it would never exist. How if I died, no one would gather my notes and make the book for me.

Now it’s done.

I will never work this hard on another book ever again. I didn’t know it would take twelve years. There is an odd symmetry with how long it took to publish this book and how long it took me to graduate form college. That took twelve years too. And there were gaps when I wasn’t really pushing it forward either.

Imagine! Twelve years on a book that no one else could see but me. I guess that is what art means. twleve years. I wonder if my next book will matter that much. I can’t imagine that it would .

Maybe I should start on the sequel right away. Because, after all…the sequel, if I manage to tell it, has the TRUE meat of the matter.

I just couldn’t get to that meat without telling this part first

And maybe there is enough meat.

I’m full for today. This is a good feeling.

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