Quantity and Quality

A friend of mine one talked about how if you gather enough of something together, it doesn’t matter what, it will be valuable.

“If you gather a whole bunch of dirt, that is valuable, and you can find a way to make money off of it.”

My husband likes to say “Quantity has a quality of it’s own.”

Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers came up with the idea that 10000 hours of doing something makes you an expert.


I have been doing this blog for 15 years now. It’s likely that with this blog and the other writing project I have done I have achieved the magical and mythical 10 thousand hours.

But when I started this blog, it went something like this:

Chris: THere is a new thing. People are writing journals online.

Me: Oh, I’ve seen that before, like on geocities.

Chris: This is bigger than that. There is a separate platform for it. It’s a web log, but they have shortened it to Blog.

Me: What?

Chris: The platform is called blogger. You should check it out.

I was for too busy. I was finishing my long delayed senior year of colllege. I had finals and graduation coming up.

but the idea intrigued me. ANd he showed me the platform.

Me: This is amazing. I could do this after I’m graduated. But only if I could have a cool name. Is Wonderblog available?

It was. And the original Wonderblog was born.

15 years and more than 2 thousand entries have passed. Blogger, Type pad, WordPress and 2 personal domains later, it’s survived a lot of changes.

It went dark because of persecution, but never completely. I have loved it truly and never let it too far from my thoughts.

I love how this is MINE, how I will say whatever I want or need to. And some truly beautiful words have come out of this exercise.

It’s been a beautiful anchor in my life. And I know that it’s impacted the lives of the readers. I know because a few of your write to me every month and tell me so.

Thank you for appreciating my art.

And now I turn this around to you. The small thing, the almost-whim that we choose, and keep choosing, adds up. My choice to do this work of wonder that I do was not unique. So many people make the same sort of choice.


And his again.

For me it is words. And for you it could be something else.

Let it be. Let the efforts and practicing pile up.

They will, if you follow the small desires.

And it is rather satisfying, to have a body of work.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

What is your body of work? Write me back and tell me, if you want. I’ll be glad to celebrate it with you.

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