This is me having nothing to say.

You all have been with me a long time, and every week I have something to share with you. My wonderings, my experiences, I put them in order and string together something to share with you all.

Two things happened this last week.

My dad died.

I started a new job.

My father’s death was not sudden. I had been expecting it soon for years, and then in the last 2 months, I had known it was imminent.

When the inevitable happened, I flew to help my mom right away.

Do I have no words to say about my father’s death? Ahh…no. From my phone minutes alone, I have nothing but words. From the middle-of-the-night-can’t-sleep avalanche of thoughts, it seems like an unending spool.

And my new job. I am supposed to help a university with a Center for Innovation. This means I am creating an incubator for new medical technologies to go from an idea to something people can buy.

That means taking big complicated ideas and organizing them, testing and trying stuff to get it right. It means discarding the parts that aren’t right until the final product is something released for public consumption.

I woke this morning, after the sun had barely risen, wondering if it was too early to go to work, and realized with a sinking feeling that I had nothing for my Weekly Wonder.

I wondered if this would be the first time for a rerun, and I was thinking about my eventful week. Putting these two things together.

The weekly wonder is an innovation I release every week for public consumption. I write an original post, growing the idea and pulling it into shape so that it is something I feel that my readers will enjoy. Something that will make your lives better.

I have learned how to find the right-sized idea and wrap words around it so that it can be released and bring light to the world.

I am drowning in thoughts and incomplete ideas about my father’s death. It is not a right sized idea, but it is kind of eclipsing all the other ideas.
And just as I was thinking I’d have to give up on this week’s installment of my beloved Weekly Wonder, I realized I could share with you how I have nothing to say, and what that means.

It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s that what I have to say is not the right size or ready to light the world.

That happens. Ideas have to be ready. Some sit for a really long time before launching.

But then, as I am finding, even when I thought there wasn’t a thing I could share, inspiration shines through the densest dark and lights our way.

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