A Touch of Silver

I was looking for a different book, but it wasn’t there. So I just grabbed this one:

Jim Valentino’s A Touch of Silver Book One: A Sociopath in Training

I was looking for comic books, since this funny guy at work is all into him. Every time I pass his cube he tells me the Superhero (or villain) of the day.

THese are selected by his “Superhero of the Day” Calendar. There was a time when my brothers were all into comics…And so I read a lot of them, slipping the precious booklets out of their plastic sleeve and turning the pristine pages very carefully.

The Superhero of the day is usually someone I’ve heard of, which amazes the heck out of me.

And it reminded me that comics are fun.

WHich is why I checked out this “Graphical Novel”. That’s what my comic buddy reminded me to call it, “It’s not a cartoon,” he said.

Okay, fine.

This book was not about superheroes, but about a kid who liked superheroes. He used them to escape from his icky life and not-very-nice family.

I like the devices Valentino uses to progress the story every once in a while, going from in the moment to after the fact. THis builds a little tension and lets the reader feel more of what’s going on internally.

I’m going to check out book two…

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