Elizabeth Smart

Abducted Girl’s Relatives Say Her Captor Brainwashed Her

“Meanwhile, Elizabeth is playing the harp so much that she has blisters on her fingers, said Angela Smart, her aunt, adding that her niece has a new goal — to go to New York City and study music at the Juilliard School.”

I feel so much for Elizabeth Smart. I feel it in my heart, I can understand how she could have been kept with this man Emmanuel for 9 months and not escape.

Don’t abused children protect their parents? “I fell down the stairs.” And I know that when I was married to an abusive husband, I was very careful to explain away suspicious noises and defend his treatment of me.

how hard is it to believe that Elizabeth Smart turned around to defend her captor? He was supposed to be an emmisarry of God! According to himself.

Your logic is a little crazy when you are fourteen years old and kidnapped at gunpoint from your home. This man talked in the same type of language as all the respected men in her family. THose men who got up in church and talked about God will and the lost sheep and such.

It would be so comfortable for Elizabeth to believe that her captor was acting benvolently towards her.

And now, she is home. And she has to find a way for life to make sense again.

I understand how music must be such a comfort to her. Not words, not talking. Talking is too concrete and frightening. But music can give her some expression.

I pray that her family can give her the kind of support she needs.

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