_Hot Pursuit_

I think every female who was young in the 80s fell in love with John Cusack after Say Anything. On the basis of the Cusack’s picture on the cover, I rented Hot Pursuit.

What a movie! all notmals boundaries of the plausible are thrown out the window. It starts with Cusack’s girlfriend sneaking into his all-boys’ high school and keeping him from passing his chemistry final. It ends with Cusack throwing grenades and firing a machine gun to save her from pirates.

He flunks his chemistry test, so he can’t go on the cruise to the Carribean with her rich family. BUt it’s true teenage love! So he finds a way to follow her and just miss her for the whole vacation.

As unbelievably cheesy as it is, Cesack still pulled off his ‘boyfriend’ role perfectly. Maybe that’s his whole genius. The man gives a perfect movie kiss. With the little funny, awkward wisecrack beforehand. It works.

There was also a good King Lear scene where he curses the storm (he’s in a boat).

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